Martial Arts Schools Brisbane


Martial Arts Schools Brisbane

There is big difference between training at a normal gym and a martial arts training facility. Yes, at your average gym you may be able to train cardio, lift weights and chat around the bubbler but training in a martial art offers so much more. Training at Martial Arts Schools Brisbane will not only have a dramatic impact on your fitness levels but you will learn a new art in the process. Every session you make progress leading to a sense of achievement and accomplishment that isn’t possible in other types of facility. Learning a marital art is about much more than just fitness, it’s about becoming part of a team, feeling a sense of achievement and learning life-long skills that benefit you physically and mentally.

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This is more than just fitness. The more you train the better you become and the more you want to achieve. Training in a martial art is a life long journey, there’s always more to learn.

  • Train hard and see results quickly
  • Constantly learn new skills
  • Feel a sense of pride and achievement
BJJ Brisbane

Level up

Training in martial arts allows you to add many new skills to your belt. Not only is it great for fitness but you’ll learn valuable real-life self-defence skills and improve your self-confidence.

  • Learn new skills
  • Learn valuable self-defence skills
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Constant room to improve and learn
BJJ Brisbane

Tangible feedback

Training in a martial art with other partners allows you to test your skills and knowledge with a real opponent. This is a quick way to determine what you need to work on and also build up a game.

  • Gyms don't fight back
  • Weights do not tell you what you are doing wrong
  • Exercise machines don't dodge out of the way


All areas of our facility are fully airconditioned, so you can train for longer at a higher intensity, even in summer. With air-conditioning even in the changing rooms, you can cool down quickly after your BJJ training session.


All BJJ training members have unlimited free access to our fully equipped gym. It offers a wide range of cardio and strength equipment so you can improve your stamina and fitness, between your BJJ training sessions.


Our purpose-built facility spans across two levels with four air-conditioned and safety matted training rooms suitable for all martial arts. With 20 full-size punching bags and more than enough focus mitts and kick shields for every student, no one has to miss out, a great space for cross training and warm ups.

BJJ Brisbane