Women’s self-defence classes


Women’s self-defence classes

Welcome to women's self-defence at Brisbane BJJ. So what is self-defence and why is it important to learn it? Self-defence is basically a countermeasure to defend your own health and wellbeing from harm. Sadly we know that violence against women is a widespread issue across Australia. Learning self-defence is about taking your safety into your own hands. It teaches us awareness and prevention and gives us the knowledge and skills to defend ourselves should the need arise, stopping attacks from occurring and even lessening attacks against other women in the future.

Why martial arts?

Martial arts have long been known for being excellent sports to train for self-defence. Of course, there are many types of martial arts, all with their own benefits and strategies that make them excellent in terms of self-defence. From MMA to Krav Maga and BJJ, all teach us ways to protect our body from harm. At Brisbane BJJ we believe BJJ is one of the best martial arts for self-defence and we combine it with other aspects of martial arts to develop an effective self-defence system based on real-life scenarios with effective results. We believe that training in martial arts is highly effective for self-defence and has many other positive impacts on your health and well-being.

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Why BJJ?

BJJ is a great martial art for self-defence for a number of reasons. Firstly most attacks will end up on the ground. BJJ focuses on ground techniques, so knowing how to handle yourself in these situations is incredibly important. Armbars, chokes and ankle locks are only a few of the submissions that you could use to defend yourself on the ground. Sweeps are also incredibly useful as they can change a bad situation where you are pinned, to you being on top and in control. Of course, you also learn throws and trips from standing making this a perfect martial art in terms of self-defence. What’s even better is, size does not matter in BJJ, meaning much smaller opponents can easily overcome a much larger, stronger opponent through the use of carefully learned techniques.

Why Brisbane BJJ?

Our professional and highly skilled trainers create a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere where you will learn valuable and practical self-defence skills that could be used in real-life scenarios. We use a variety of martial arts to teach these techniques, predominantly BJJ with some elements of Krav Maga and MMA. We focus on teaching our students how to ward off an attacker and strategies to help avoid unsafe situations. Our facility is purpose-built, fully matted with aircon throughout. We also have a fully equipped gym on-site which is free to all members! What could be better?

Women’s self-defence classes

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Self-defence arms women with the ability to defend themselves should the need arise. With violence against women becoming more frequently heard of in our news headlines there has never been a better time to ensure you are prepared should the worst happen. Martial arts and self-defence have often been associated as a ‘male’ dominated sport but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, women's self-defence is incredibly feminine as it empowers women to take control of their own safety and wellbeing. You will not become a bodybuilder look-alike through learning martial arts and self-defence and in fact, many well known actresses and models are proud devotees of self-defence like these lovely ladies below.

Great for all levels of experience

Women’s self-defence classes are great for women of all ages and all levels of experience. There is no need to have any previous martial arts experience and our highly experienced coaches guide our students based on their own individual levels. We always teach the basics first as these are often the most effective moves if the need arises for you to defend yourself.

Great for all levels of fitness

Regular gym bunny or haven’t pulled your old runners on for a long time? No worries! Your current level of fitness really isn't an issue when starting women’s self-defence classes. As you progress you will find your fitness naturally improves but it is not a prerequisite for starting women's self-defence classes. We have students from all walks of life and levels of fitness and they all state the benefit of learning these defensive techniques.

Great for all shapes and sizes

Tall, short, thin or plus size, size, weight really isn't an issue either. Women’s self-defence classes are designed to build on your own natural attributes so there will always be techniques that you will be able to utilise. Some moves may benefit from being small and nimble on your feet whilst others may benefit from being a larger stature. Our coaches know how to bring the best out of you and everyone is welcome.

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Women’s self-defence classes

How else will you benefit from attending women's self-defence classes?

More than just for self-defence. Our women's self-defence classes are based on a lot of our BJJ training. Most altercations end up on the ground so these skills can be the most useful in terms of self-defence if you ever find yourself in that position. Of course, we also focus on blocks and escapes. However, women’s self-defence is not just useful for this purpose, the training itself has many positive impacts on your body and mind.

Great for fitness

Training women’s self-defence classes will work wonders on your fitness levels. Brazilian Jiujitsu is known to be one of the most effective martial arts in burning calories, as many as a thousand per session! Along with learning valuable and real-life self-defence skills, these classes will give you a full-body workout every session working everything from your core to your stamina and strength. Improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and stamina in a fun way whilst also arming you with valuable self-defence skills should the need arise.

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Great for weight loss

As we mentioned, BJJ classes burn a lot of calories. They don't just focus on one area, they work all parts of the body every time. The classes are fun, dynamic and are based on real-life defence skills that really work. Lose weight the fun way at women's self-defence classes. Watch those unwanted pounds melt away and develop a toned, lean, healthy physique. Watching your progression and the new skills you will develop whilst also watching your body shape change and become fit and toned can also help boost confidence and encourage a more active lifestyle.

Great for flexibility

Women’s self-defence and BJJ are great for burning body fat, improving cardiovascular fitness and strength as well as improving your flexibility, agility, and coordination. Too many of us spend so much time sitting at a desk these days and this can cause havoc on our natural flexibility and posture. Poor posture can lead to muscle aches and pains and even chronic and painful conditions. BJJ helps improve your core strength and posture, which can positively affect many areas of your health and wellness.

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Women’s self-defence classes - Not just good for the body but good for the mind.

Added benefits of training Women's self-defence training. So we know that training BJJ and women's self-defence classes can provide you with real-life, effective self-defence skills, improve your fitness, stamina and strength, help lose unwanted kg and improve your posture and flexibility but what other benefits can this form of training provide to your overall health and wellness? Regular training can also have positive impacts on your mindset and your overall health and wellness.

Improve self-confidence

Learning a new skill can be such a great confidence boost in itself but learning skills that make you feel empowered and safer such as women's self-defence can have a hugely positive impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem. We all hope never to have to be in a position where we need to defend ourselves but unfortunately, it does happen. Having the skills and confidence to defend and protect yourself if the need arises is something we believe will benefit women in more ways than one.

Build new relationships

We are proud of the welcoming and supportive space we have built at Brisbane BJJ. We love welcoming new members from all walks of life and making them a part of our close-knit community. From the coaches to the other students, we all facilitate a community of trust, mutual respect and no egos! Many of our students who have come to learn a new skill and get fit end up making lifelong friends. It is a great way to socialise with like-minded people, make new friends and interact with a wide range of people!

Relieve stress

Who isn’t stressed these days? We all have worries to deal with and many of us are busy juggling work and home commitments, fitting in kids activities, doing the shopping and cleaning and let's not mention the mountain of laundry... Regular exercise like BJJ and women's self-defence is an excellent way to relieve stress and boost your natural endorphins. It can also provide you with more energy to deal with all your other chores. Best of all, women's self-defence classes are about you, your own time to focus on improving yourself and dedicating time for your own self-care.

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