Martial Arts Brisbane


Martial Arts Brisbane

Martial arts give you much more than your average fitness class. Why? Martial Arts Brisbane offers classes that incorporate training which helps improve your fitness, lose weight and improve your flexibility in a way other methods of fitness can’t. As well as improving yourself physically, training at Martial Arts Brisbane can help increase your confidence and improve your overall mindset. Not only will your brain and body benefit from training at Martial Arts Brisbane but you’ll become part of a friendly, close-knit team, make new friends and have access to our purpose-built training facility. Change up your routine and try something new today at Martial Arts Brisbane!

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Flexibility & Agility

Regularly training in a martial art really does benefit all areas of your body. It’s not just about improving your strength and cardiovascular health; martial arts are excellent for increasing your flexibility and agility

  • Increased core strength
  • Increased range of movement
  • Better all round body performance
BJJ Brisbane

Confidence & Mindset

Marital Arts training can benefit your mind as well as your body. From increasing your confidence and self-esteem to helping relieve stress. see improvements in your physical and mental health fast at Martial Arts Brisbane.

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved self-esteem across all areas of life
  • Great stress buster!
  • Expand your knowledge
BJJ Brisbane

Fitness + Weight loss

Training in a martial art can work wonders on your physical fitness. Regular training is a sure-fire way to lose any excess body fat and improve your cardio, strength, stamina and core strength.

  • Improve your cardiovascular health
  • Increase your strength and stamina
  • Lose excess body fat- fast!
  • Improve your core strength


All areas of our facility are fully airconditioned, so you can train for longer at a higher intensity, even in summer. With air-conditioning even in the changing rooms, you can cool down quickly after your BJJ training session.


All BJJ training members have unlimited free access to our fully equipped gym. It offers a wide range of cardio and strength equipment so you can improve your stamina and fitness, between your BJJ training sessions.


Our purpose-built facility spans across two levels with four air-conditioned and safety matted training rooms suitable for all martial arts. We have 2 floors of mats so there is plenty of space for everyone.

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