After school activities


After school activities

Welcome to After School Activities at Brisbane BJJ. These days the options for after school activities for your kids are endless. From swimming and gymnastics to soccer and music lessons there are many ways we can help our kids enjoy a well-rounded after school curriculum. Here at Brisbane BJJ, we think we offer something special. We hold regular kids BJJ classes that are fun, interactive and dynamic! We truly believe that learning a martial art such as BJJ as a child can bring multiple benefits to their young bodies, minds and outlook! Any child over the age of four is welcome to attend our kid’s classes. Read on to see all the benefits this special martial art can bring.

Why Martial Arts?

So why martial arts when there are so many sports available to try? Martial arts are not just an excellent way to burn energy and develop physical fitness, they also offer excellent self-defence skills, build character and instil a sense of respect. Best of all the classes are fun and dynamic keeping kids of all ages interested and involved!

Kids BJJ Brisbane

Why BJJ?

BJJ is one of the most practical martial arts your child can learn and a fantastic after school activity! Your child will learn a great new skill whilst improving their fitness. At Brisbane BJJ we do not promote violence but instead, use skill, technique and leverage to work from the
ground and gain control.

Kids BJJ Brisbane

Why Brisbane BJJ?

Here at Brisbane BJJ, we have developed a community of inclusion, safety and friendliness! We love welcoming new members to our after school activities and work alongside even our littlest of students to ensure they learn at a pace they’re comfortable with. Our friendly and supportive coaches love helping and seeing our students progress and build new skills and confidence on and off the mat!

After school activities

Get your kids off their
screens and get moving with
after school activities!

No excuses, start today and see your little ones flourish as they start their martial arts journey!

BJJ Brisbane

Great for fitness!

BJJ is an after school activity that ticks all the boxes for fitness. As well as improving a child’s overall fitness and burning heaps of energy, training in BJJ will improve your child’s cardiovascular health, flexibility, agility and coordination. The fun and dynamic classes mean there is no chance of getting bored but lots of time
to get moving!

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase strength
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase flexibility
BJJ Brisbane

Great for all levels of experience.

We welcome all children to our Brisbane BJJ classes. This is one after school activity where you don’t need any prior experience or high level of fitness to participate. We work with every child to ensure they are progressing at their own speed and give support and encouragement when needed. Our highly experienced coaches are well used to making children feel at ease! 

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased motivation
  • A sense of achievement
  • Effective stress relief
BJJ Brisbane

Great Fun!

When it comes to after school activities we believe whatever that may be, it must be fun! Children spend so much time focusing at school that it is nice to do something completely different and burn energy in a fun, dynamic environment! We incorporate games with skilled training techniques to ensure our lessons are both educational and playful so even our youngest students are sure to enjoy every minute!

  • Meet new people
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun
  • Learn from others
  • Enjoy the supportive atmosphere

How else can After School Activities at Brisbane BJJ benefit your kids?

BJJ After School Activities

How else can After School Activities at Brisbane BJJ
benefit your kids?

Brisbane BJJ

Great for self-confidence!

Our after-school BJJ classes for kids can not only improve their physical health but can also have a positive impact on their self-confidence and self-esteem! Learning and progressing in a sport like BJJ can be a real confidence booster that can be beneficial across many other areas of their lives.

Brisbane BJJ

Great for social skills

After school activities such as our kids BJJ classes are great for building and improving social skills! Mixing with a new peer group from school, building new friendships, developing strong teamwork skills and improve listening skills are just some of the ways your children will benefit socially. 

Great for discipline! 

Martial arts such as BJJ are well known for helping instil a sense of discipline and respect. All though classes are based on a fun atmosphere listening and showing respect to their coaches, peers and the rules on and off the mat are all very important to ensure safety and respect to the art.

Start something new today!

Watch your kids grow and learn during After School Activities at Brisbane BJJ!

BJJ After School Activities


BJJ doesn’t just benefit your
kids in the ways listed above...
It encourages a healthy lifestyle!

A lot of our children today spend too much time sitting down at school on laptops and then are drawn to their digital devices when they get home! After school activities such as kids
BJJ Brisbane is an excellent way to reduce screen time, encourage an active lifestyle and learn new and healthy habits that can follow them to adulthood!

Come down today for a trial and we just bet
your child falls in love with BJJ as much as we do!

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